1. 2. The Note

From the recording Zero

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The sense of defeat blossoms in an optimist's decay
The hope of resolution self-destructed in your ways
I've tried to shake obsession like the knife that tore the hole
In familiar downward defeat that the world will never know

I feel this dying / Exhausted from trying
I've failed this, I'm all alone / Do you feel this? No of course you don't
I'm gasping for air in a sea with no end
No one's there no one cares, they don't even pretend
Now this cold shadow glows in the darkest of ways
Still a slave to my sins, I will always obey
But now...

It's all gone, and the feeling still remains
A shadow of a broken hope my soul could once contain
The proudest moment blacked out by the ugly face of shame
Now I'm all but dead and gone, but my love for you remains

Could I ever shake the illness that my hopelessness desired?
From my desperate disillusion to my descent unto the fire
Like a beauty I could never reach, you were just that far away
Now I stay here stuck forever because of words I couldn't say

No more crying for help, no more lows, no more highs
Say no prayers, unprepared, and I won't say goodbye
You will never forgive but you'll never forget
I'm so selfish, I'm sorry for all this regret
But now...