Sleeve T Rocks Launches


Hello and welcome to the brand new website for all things STR! I'm Sleeve, and I've been playing guitar and writing music since I was 13 years old. I've been writing music for a band called The Omega Point for the last few years, and recently joined the group From Zero 2 Hero to contribute my lead playing skills to others. And in the now, I've been writing a handful of cover songs that have a dark twist. It's starting with some covers of my first ever favorite band, The Offspring, off the first rock record I ever bought... Americana. 

I'm also working very hard to bring you a clothing brand, "Black Sheep Army." It's a rebellious brand for kids who just don't fit the mold and were always the black sheep of any gathering. This is your place to shine!

Finally, this website is the new home for a lot of my writing projects. I've been writing prose since I was an early teen as well, as my mom was an English teacher who constantly corrected my spelling and grammar. That led to a love of words, and a need to express myself through storytelling. There are several short and long form stories coming to this website. You can already read my first ever short story, originally published in 2010, called "The Monster I Had Created." My Poe-esque tale about a man who creates a woman from a wish, and is eventually destroyed by her.

There's a lot more to come out for Sleeve T Rocks, and this is the best place to find it all. Thank you for checking out my work, and feel free to reach out to me in the Contact section. I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks again, and welcome to my dark little world!


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